Live Epic.

I fully intend to live an epic life.

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the backseat as my parents drove though the lush, green forests just outside one of Germany’s fairytale castles, Schloss Spangenberg, listening to Cats through my black Walkman cassette player. The last three days had been filled with imagination and adventure – “knights in shining armor” (decorative coats of armor), “princess dinners” (lace gowns and five-course meals in the vaulted dining room), and “invaders from the North” (the unsuspecting sheep that inhabited the castle moat).

That moment in the car felt just about perfect to my four year-old self. I pretended I was holding a camera, squinted through one eye, and said “click”.

More than 20 years later, I’m still all about finding thrilling experiences and perfect moments. And, in New York, there’s no shortage. That’s the purpose of this blog – sharing the best events, music, and travel experiences that allow you to find that next adventure or fun evening out.

Cheers to what’s next.


Photo credit: Castle – HPollmeier via Flickr; Forest –

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