Review: Caffé Storico

A tasteful juxtaposition of culture and cuisine, in an atmosphere that’s bright, white, and beautiful.

Caffe Storico is a gem, nestled into the New York Historical Society on the Upper West Side.

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White marble cafe tables match the white marble statues—the Society’s inner hallways are visible to diners through vaulted windows, offering a one-of-a-kind view. Additional windows offer a view of 77th Street and drench the cafe in natural light. The Caffe’s high ceilings and sparkling gold chandeliers add a touch of elegance—especially in the evening—and coupled with wood accents, create an atmosphere that’s polished yet slightly whimsical.
It’s a uniquely NY experience—and, there’s nothing like walking up the beautifully-lit stone steps of the New York Historical Society to impress friends or a dinner date.
From dinner to drinks, all was scrumptious. Executive Chef Tim Kensett crafts each entree to showcase local ingredients within authentic Italian dishes. We started with the Tagliatelle con Asparagus (with bianchi and lemon ricotta), fresh yet flavorful, followed by the Gnocchi di Patate. Personally, the Gnocchi was my favorite dish of the evening—each piece was airy and fluffy, and the pecorino sardo brought out a creamy, rich quality. The meal culminated in a succulent lamb entree with featured, steamed local vegetables and drizzled with savory juices.
Caffe Storico is one of my new favorite spots in the City, and its seasonal menu makes each visit an exceptional experience. Highly recommended.
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