Live Epic: One Night Standard

If you’ve been in NYC for a hot minute, you’ve heard of the Standard—the super-hip hotel that’s also one of NY’s most popular nightclub destinations, where the caliber of clientele is surpassed only by the cost.


Yes, you can look up at it from the Highline. You may get a glimpse of the hotel’s inhabitants through the floor-to-ceiling windows. You may drool while thinking about the great views when you Google them online…


…alright alright, enough. I’m your insider connection to get a room on the other side of the glass. I can get you one TONIGHT even.


Actually, this app is your hook-up. It’s called One Night Standard, and currently available on iTunes and Google Play.


What: One Night Standard offers “same-night reservations at incredible rates for spontaneous stays.”


How it works: Between 3p and 2a every day, you can book a same-night room through the app for an exclusive rate that’s between $129 and $179, depending on the day.


Too good to be true? IT’S TRUE. And, it’s as stellar as you could imagine.


This is the ultimate staycation / vacation trick. For New Yorkers, it will make you fall in love with the City all over again. For visitors, it will make you want to become a New Yorker.




  • The location. 
    • The Standard Hotel literally arches above the Highline Park in Meatpacking; in fact, you can actually look at the tourists / jealous native walking along the Park below outside of your window. Also, featured from your “room with a view”—sweeping scenes of both the City and the Hudson. Take in both sunrise and sunset—even better, do it while taking a bath! (Baths in the rooms sit alongside clear panels, so you can take in an unmatched view while submerged in a sea of bubbles.)
    • An added perk—our room offered a stunning, unobstructed view of the Empire State Building (visible from both bath and bed) with the Freedom Tower reflecting in the shiny glass exterior of the building facing us. Quite spectacular.
    • The Standard also boasts a nightclub, Le Bain (casual attire), and rooftop bar, The Top of the Standard (formal attire) – all just an elevator ride away.



  • The digs.
    • The hotel elevator is a trip in itself. Step into a black cube, where psychedelic images spiral on screens and epic symphonies play as the elevator starts to transcend / descend floors. Then walk down a brightly-lit hallway to your room.
    • In short, the rooms are an Insta dream. They’re chic and minimalistic (#decor), yet designed for comfort (#relax). Our digs had floor-to-ceiling windows with a couch along the wall to take in the stunning City #views (like, real visual #views, not just Drake audible #views). Insider tip: The couch is a bit stiff (likely a result of the modular design), but the bed is super comfy and conducive to a great night’s sleep.
    • Also possible (and highly recommended)—sinking into a bubble bath (provided by the hotel) and taking in the same stunning #views, and sinking into bed afterward with—yep, you guessed it—that same spectacular visual. (Velvety-smooth robe with hood, as well as champagne / wine glasses are provided by the hotel.)


  • The eats.
    • You don’t need to go far…or leave the hotel, really. The Standard Grill offers everything from dinner to light fare, alongside an impressive drink list, in both indoor and outdoor settings.
    • Personally, I’d go for the outdoor—their al fresco bar offers a beachy-vibe, complete with white pebble “sand”, candle-lit tables, brightly-striped umbrellas and hanging lanterns. Perfect for feeling like you’re at a resort without ever leaving the City—especially if you get a table that swaps a street view for a hotel view. Their light bites menu offers pizza, small plates, and focaccia with (on the DL) options to fit any budget. Rumor has it the desserts are great too, but I can only vouch for the Pizza Bianca.


The Standard is stellar, and One Night Standard offers an experience (and price tag) that can’t be beat.

Happy weekend, loves!
















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