5 Places #ShopLocal & Find the Perfect Gift

Baby, it is COLD outside.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly saying goodbye to warm weather things and saying hello to the styles and traditions of the Christmas season. I’ve said adios to sandals and brought out my stilettos, traded in light leather jackets for full-on fur vests, and – last night – put away my zippy BMW Z3 convertible (the “James Bond” car) and took out my new Jeep Cherokee Sport with 4-wheel drive.

Just in time too, it seems! As I’m sitting here, writing this note to you all, I’m staring at a scene reminiscent of a Thomas Kinkade painting—mug of tea in hand, fire in the fireplace, 5 inches of snow outside.

You know, it’s beginning to look a lot like…


Now, if you’re like me, you have one of two options:

  1. Scramble to find something on Amazon and ORDER ORDER ORDER – hoping it gets here in time! (Let’s use those Prime memberships, people!)


  1. You can find gifts for him or her that are 100% unique, high-quality, uber trendy, and incredibly thoughtful – best of all, you could even have your Christmas shopping done this week! (No sitting with fingers crossed, hoping your package arrives in time!)

“Of course, option #2!” you say. “That sounds exactly like what I want. What goodness is this that sounds to great to be true? Teach me your secrets, oh Kenzie!”

Okay, well, maybe that’s not EXACTLY what you said. But sure, I’ll share my secret anyways! Here it is:


Fort Wayne is full of one-of-a-kind stores and boutiques, many of which just opened this year!

I’ve listed a few of my faves below.




Idlehour: This fabulous spot is a thoughtfully curated athleisure boutique, selling everything from luxury activewear to all-natural soaps and lotions to beautiful accessories, baubles, and paper goods. The owners are on the pulse of the “studio-to-street” trend, and even serve wine and goodies in the store on occasion! There’s lots of trendy gifts (including bralettes!) for under $35. (Plus, I teach Pilates at Pure Movement next door, so you & your girlfriends can stop in after shopping to take a Pilates class with me! Email info@kenzi-caudill.com for details!)

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.07.47 PM.png

(Photo Credit: Dancer Concrete Design)


(Photo Credit: The Find FW)

The Find: Perfect shop, perfect selection, perfect location. The Find just opened inside the new Ash building downtown – right next to the Golden! (HINT: So you shop on your way to / from brunch!) The Find has a fun selection of gifts, mens & women clothing, accessories, and home goods! Best of all – their stuff comes from Midwest artisans and designers – #supportlocal!

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.11.01 PM.png

(Photo Credit: Visit Fort Wayne)


(Photo Credit: Lace + Arrow)

Lace + Arrow: “Um, I’d like to order one of everything you post on Instagram, please.” = me erryday. Lace + Arrow is another new Fort Wayne boutique – and it’s taking the City by storm. Their chic selection is composed of clothes, shoes, and accessories for her – perfect to gift to a girlfriend or wear to a Christmas party. Personally, I’m planning to grab one of their flowy, velvet camis – perfect under a blazer or sweater, or all by itself – for a fun & flirty holiday look!



(Photo Credit: Outer Grace Boutique)

Outer Grace Boutique: This is one of my favorite stops on the Holiday Trolley Tour every year. Shop here if you need great stocking stuffers (candles, hats, and bath bombs) or a gift sure to “wow”—beautiful jewelry, vests, and long-sleeve T’s. An added bonus – their festive line of Christmas shirts! (My favorite saying: “If it’s not snowing, I’m not going!”



(Photo Credit: Urban She-K)


Urban She-K: I’d be lying if I said my Christmas list wasn’t heavily populated with pictures of clothes from Urban She-K. This store just opened on the Southwest side of town, and has so many fabulous gifts for the season. Personally, I’m hoping to see their black velvet oversized sweater, super soft blue / black plaid winter jacket, and gold / black leather fringe necklace under my tree. They’ve also got a fun selection of faux fur and leather purses – all under $45!

Alright loves, happy shopping! Post your finds on Instagram and message me with your favorite shops – I’d like to do a Part 2 of this post!


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